Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I am in your service area?
  • Please see our service area page
  • What does lot size mean, and how does that help determine my price?

    We base our prices on the size of your lot in square feet, before improvements. We make no adjustments for pools, landscaping, etc., despite the fact that these items actually increase the time required to service your lawn (due to the additional edging and line trimming, which require much more attention to detail than open mowing). We price using this method, providing you with the simplest, most transparent method out there for taking care of your lawn service needs.

  • How do I find the size of my lot?
  • If you don’t know your lot size visit the Pinellas County Appraiser’s Office website. Once there, you need to elect to “Search Our Database” from the menu options on the left. You may find your home either through Owner's Name or Property Address. Once you have the property information page, look under the section entitled Land Information and then in the subcategory, Land Size. Simply multiply the dimensions and arrive at your square footage, and then search our table to find the appropriate size and charge for your property. We will of course confirm this by doing the same.
  • Do you only accept online payments?
  • Yes! We provide quality service at affordable prices, and there is no contract required. In order to offer plans like this we require customers to sign up and pay online.
  • What is the recurring billing?
  • The recurring payment option allows Paypal to draft your designated payment source in accordance with your subscription plan. Through your Paypal account you can simply elect to cancel your service at any time. Because PayPal administers your payment plan and we receive payments in a timely fashion, we can offer you this no obligation, no contract service.

    All card/bank data is stored and processed securely with PayPal.

    You can enroll today, elect recurring billing, and never have to worry about cutting your lawn, or making a payment to us again!


    • To enroll in recurring billing you may be required to have or create a PayPal account. An account can be established very easily by visiting PayPal, the industry leader in online payment processing.
  • OK! That looks great! Now what? How do I sign up?
  • Simple! Click the button and elect to make your payment. Please make sure to leave the property address you wish to have serviced in either the “Ship To” area of your payment, or under the election for “Special Instructions to the Merchant”. Often times, people have elected billing addresses that do not correspond to the address at which they currently reside. Additionally, for security reasons, addresses are often times blocked from us, the merchant. In order for us to service your property, you must please alert us of your address. You may do this by placing it in one of the two fields referenced above.

    If we cannot verify the property address we are to service, or if there is any confusion, we will contact you via email. We will also verify that you are eligible for the price point you have elected by confirming your lot size.

  • What credit cards do you accept? Do you handle checks?
  • You may pay with any credit card type supported by Paypal. That will include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc. You may also be eligible to pay with funds from your bank, if you have so elected with PayPal. We do not take checks.
  • Where is my credit card information stored and processed? Is it safe?
  • All of your credit card information is processed and stored by PayPal. To learn more about their practices visit: PayPal Security Center
  • Are there any other fees that I could encounter, or come to expect?
  • The only other fee you will see from us is if your property is overgrown and in need of a cleanup before regular service can commence. Under that scenario, if you have paid for service, and we feel an additional cleanup fee is warranted, we will communicate the fee to you before commencing with work. If you choose not to pay the additional fee we will simply refund your money, and you can find another provider.
  • Do you offer landscaping or other services?
  • Yes, please see our landscaping page for more info.
  • If my lot is overgrown is there a surcharge to come and cut it down to size so that I can take advantage of your great lawn service package?
  • If your property is overgrown and in need of a cleanup before regular service can commence we will alert you as to any additional payment needs via a PayPal invoice. Pay the additional fee and we will service the property. If you choose not to pay the additional fee but have already forwarded us money for a regular service visit, we will simply refund your money, and you can find another provider.
  • How do I cancel service?
  • If you have elected service with a recurring payment option, you may cancel your service and stop any future payments through your account with PayPal. Simple as that!

    As a professional courtesy, we ask that you also send us an email alerting us of your desire to cancel service. We will then remove you from our route.

  • What is your refund policy?
  • All sales for lawn service are considered final. We do not offer any refunds. You are not under any long-term obligation, and there is no termination or account closing fees. You may elect to cancel your service at any time. But any payment made is considered final.
  • I am having a problem with a technical aspect on, or one of the external websites, and cannot process my request. Can you help me?
  • If you are having a technical problem you cannot resolve, , and we will see if we can solve it for you.

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  • I have a question I don’t see on your list. Can you help me?
  • Yes! Please see our contact page to email us your question.